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Application Migration and Reengineering

Migration & Re-engineering

Application Migration & Re-engineering

Refresh your platform with simple-to-manage moving and changing the way you work

Maximize investment and power up agility. With our migration services, you can access new technologies faster than ever before—saving time and money.

Let Sofvare do the hard work so you can focus on your end goal. We are an app development agency that knows how to make all software projects easy so you can maintain a fluid development process without worry.

Application Migration and Re-engineering services

Offering Services that Enhances your Business Quality

Over time, companies have made investments in building strong IT systems. These systems cannot keep up with today's changing technology and business environment, resulting in high operating costs and limited flexibility and ability to adapt.

Software Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services requires extensive experience, tools, and expertise unique to the field. This is precisely the benefit we offer. We've managed several successful migration projects across various platforms to comprehend the managerial and technical issues that come with these assignments.

Our services help organizations migrate to new platforms and help preserve and extend their legacy investments. Our transformation techniques allow clients to revamp their applications and gain more return on investment through modernization.

The primary objective is to make the business platform flourish. With companies working on rapid Software Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services, professionals can provide solutions within the specified time. Their primary goal is to provide an extended outlook in changing times and to get the best result.


A Reliable Migration & Re-engineering Service Provider

Product Re-engineering Services

Automate the process of discovering databases and managing the security of large-scale databases by using a single SLA Policy engine.


With our vast expertise in software technology and the industry, we at Sofvare ensure fast, safe and secure software implementation.

Data Adaptation

Data mapping services, which allow the design of components according to the architect's plans


Let our re-engineering redesign legacy systems with customer experience in mind.

Migration Services

Top Notch Software Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services

Our solutions allow you to provide digital transformations to your customers and, at the same time, keep your ever-growing budgets for technology in check.


Application Re-engineering

Trust our expertise in migration & re-engineering services when transitioning from old technology to new. We can also improve performance and reliability while lowering downtime risks.


Modernizing Legacy Applications

We will make your old application new again. Redesign it from scratch or migrate it to cloud technology, so it can easily be customized as needed and support future changes.


Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration has never been so easy! Want to save your precious time, money, and frustration? Transition your applications easily without risking quality or security.


Enterprise Application Services

Re-engineer applications to fit within your organization's new digital ecosystem. With enterprise application services from EM Services, software migrations and re-engineering are made simple.


Digital Engineering

Digital Transformation is inevitable. Transform your IT infrastructure with a company that is there at every step.


Security Services

To provide a view towards increased software security, and reduce any danger of security breaches, trust our highly skilled team of security specialists to undertake an Application Migration & Re-engineering project.


Enterprise App Migration

With Sofvare's best-in-class Enterprise App Migration services, you can easily migrate all applications from one platform to another without worrying about code compatibility or lost customizations.

Migrating and Re-engineering

Are you still calculating the cost of Migrating and Re-engineering apps/software?

Conduct an objective cost-benefit analysis of your digital transformation together with the steps and challenges to take to attain the outcomes you expect in the digital transformation

Transform Your Website

Let Us Transform Your Website into a Business Asset

Maximize your website performance through Sofvare's Application Migration services. We specialize in re-engineering large numbers of websites on various technology platforms.

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How do we help?

Accelerate Growth by Upgrading Your Technology


Create a modern UX

Remove your apps from old-fashioned interfaces by changing the interfaces to be modern-day UX/UI. Utilize the latest design methods and techniques with a psychology driven UX/UI. Enhance user engagement, and retention by modernizing your UI/UX in line with the most recent design concepts and user experience.


Modernize Legacy Systems

Ensure your systems are equipped with the latest and user-friendly technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Voice Interfaces and more to make smart decisions and provide graphical visualization of data. Redesign the software architecture using contemporary techniques like microservices to improve performance, agility, and scaling.


Re-engineering to speed up software rollout

Re-engineering isn't just an efficient way to increase the overall quality and performance of the product. It also saves your time during the implementation since it only requires redesigning the application to improve development efficiency.


Provide Long-Term Performance of Applications

Our support team is constantly monitoring how the app performs. If any issues are discovered, our support team can deal with them and ensure they do not repeat. Through our re-engineering solutions, we can update your existing technology stack and architecture for maximum performance.

About Company

Services Offered Under Software Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services

Are you looking for a reliable database environment? contact us for a lot of assistance!

  • Migration of applications
  • Migration across operating systems
  • Application servers
  • Databases and technology
  • Re-building applications
  • Framework and platform integration
  • Enhancements and modernization

The Best & Most prestigious Awards in the Industry.

We have designed products that are of the highest quality. The world knows about it. We've done it for companies that dominate the world. Let Sofvare offer you the same expertise.

Re-Build Your Existing Application

Re-Build Your Existing Application from Older Technology to Newer Technology Platform

The availability of experts in older technologies may be a challenge as then it becomes obsolete or specific. Many companies choose to rebuild the application using new technology or alter the platform it runs on.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most significant software re-engineering advantages include:

  • Product efficiency and speed increase performance
  • Upgrading the product to more sophisticated technology
  • Lower costs for support for software and maintenance
  • Possibilities to expand the capabilities and expand the capabilities of the product.

Alongside the benefit of having a development team with extensive expertise in Software Re-Engineering & Data Migration Services, we will also receive cost-effective development. You will save time and effort in this complicated procedure.

You must determine your requirements and goals and consult your outsourcing team to select the most efficient technology stack. If you've never had to deal with software re-engineering or migration and re-engineering, you can gain useful tips from experts in the field.

The requirement for software migration is if the software is not updated and upgraded for a certain interval. The indications to consider software migration include:

  • Performance problems are caused using technology that is outdated
  • Product created in a programming language that is no longer supported
  • The rise of newer technologies that are better suited to your product
  • Maintenance and support for products are expensive
  • Security and scalability needs

Sofvare has a team of specialists who can tackle the problem of re-engineering software for legacy applications and application re-engineering, migration and data re-engineering, customizing and enhancement of products, and bug fixing.

Older software may begin to show problems as it gets older. Quality issues, integration problems, bugs, and flaws can cause delays in the entire process. Software vendors often cease to support older software. Therefore re-engineering is an essential business process necessary to take seriously.

ABC has extensive experience offering services for software re-engineering, which include:

  • Re-architecting the products to support new devices, platforms, or functions.
  • Refactoring of code to facilitate and effectiveness of maintenance and porting
  • Optimization and replacement of middleware, databases, and other levels of architecture
  • Reverse engineering and engineering analysis.
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