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Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application

Innovative and Productive Cloud Application Development Company

Increase the quality of products and increase productivity by utilizing cloud-based applications development

We provide custom cloud application development services based on your budget and requirements. Contact us to develop applications that operate in the cloud and could benefit from cloud features and services provided by cloud providers.

We can develop cloud application that run in a cloud-based environment and can communicate with APIs and web browsers.

Cloud Application Development

Discover Cloud Application Development

Cloud-based software, also known as a cloud-based app, is an application that runs on the cloud and can be accessible via APIs and web browsers. It functions as native, but servers are generally located in an off-site data centre managed through a cloud infrastructure service provider.

As a cloud-based development firm Cloud-native app development services include CRMs, ERPs, web apps, and more. Cloud-native applications can be used in private, public, or hybrid settings.

Improve your odds of dominance by leveraging our deep technical expertise in cloud-based software development by using our top cloud-based development solutions. Our experts will assist you with the difficult issues of developing a SaaS application. We can create an entire stack using open-source cloud technology or programming languages like .NET, PHP and Java or use existing stack. Our team has extensive cloud-native app development expertise.


Cloud-Based Solutions: Benefits

We're proud of our Cloud computing solutions have a myriad of advantages to offer:

Improved Efficiency

Contrary to the conventional methods, cloud services are quickly deployed and ready to use in just a few minutes.

High Flexibility

The ability to meet the requirements of the business as needed. It reduces time to market as well as cost efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Cloud auto-scaling is a feature that allows you to scale your usage. Will be charged for the resources you use.

Rapider Disaster Recovery

Since location planning, capacity and operations can be easily controlled, it gives businesses benefit to react quickly on sudden business developments.


Cloud App Development Services

With more than a decade of experience in cloud-based application development, we provide solutions that meet the different needs of our customers.


Cloud App Development

Our cloud team develops highly flexible, extremely secure, and efficient solutions designed to maximize your user experience and increase the return on investment.


Cloud-Native Development

Increase your productivity by using our Cloud-Native solutions that comprise design, developing, and deploying cloud-native apps to give you a competitive edge and boost your business's growth.


Cloud Consulting Services

Assist businesses with strategic cloud consulting that focuses on planning architecture infrastructure, deployment, integration delivery, optimization, and assistance.


Cloud Migration

to support a transformative process for migrating legacy applications to the cloud, transferring cloud applications to cloud providers, or configuring an infrastructure with multiple providers.


Cloud Integration

Increase your productivity in your business by integrating databases, processes, and network resources to allow data transfer and transactions across multiple platforms while moving to the cloud.


Cloud Monitoring and support

We provide efficient cloud monitoring and optimization of performance. The cloud monitoring services give you complete transparency into the condition and availability of the whole cloud infrastructure.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to begin a new Web-based App Project?

We are a cloud-based service provider. We can assist you in growing your business by leveraging the cloud and help you overcome technical obstacles to the best.



Customer-centric and total customization models that allow either fixed or hourly development of developers.


Methodology We Follow

Sofvare ensures that your project will be handles by professionals offering high end innovative solutions


Agile approach

We depend heavily on Agile methods to create a transparent app for mobile users. Our team will inform you throughout the process and help you monitor each development sprint, code commitments strategies, and designs.


Plan with a focus on goals

We ensure that we transform your business concepts into a successful reality from concept to launch. Our team can create an impressive and powerful mobile application that fits your business's requirements and goals well.


Professionals with certification

We have a team of mobile app developers that create quick, powerful, and ingenious apps that provide superior service, an innovative user experience, and powerful performance.


Result-oriented approach

We focus on closing gaps between your idea and the best app solution that puts you at the top of the list in the marketplace. Our agile process and rapid prototyping allow you to make better decisions throughout your project.

Strategy & Roadmap

Strategy & Roadmap

Make the most of cloud power to gain flexibility, scalability, resilience, and flexibility through a comprehensive roadmap for using the cloud-native model.

Our developers will assist you using solutions and services provided through AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to deploy an unbreakable strategy to develop cloud-native apps.

Our experts will also suggest best practices and methods to establish a cloud-based collaborative culture to increase team efficiency and boost the efficiency of your system.

Things Happen

We Make Things Happen

Our skilled development teams assist in building, managing, and enhancing your applications using the latest techniques and technology in cloud computing.

Scalable infrastructure

Scalable infrastructure

Our DevOps team ensures that our cloud infrastructure to build applications is scalable and uses cloud elasticity as needed.

We utilize a variety of popular and leading platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to fulfil our client's requirements, including cloud computing API management storage, cloud services, and content delivery, to the database as well as DNS management.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It's common to think of cloud and web-based applications as the same because they operate similarly. There is a clear distinction in their design. Cloud-based apps work in the cloud. However, they execute the processing on the local device. This means that they require an internet connection when uploading or downloading information.

For the most part, web applications must be always in constant contact with the network to function.

The price of Cloud-native app development is based on various variables, such as the nature of the app, platform, cross-platform requirements engagement models, support services, and other associated elements.

Well!! The time required to create your cloud-based application will depend on the number of cloud engineers you choose to hire and the complexity of the task. It will take between 5 and 6 months to create the cloud-based application.

Our cloud-native development solutions include a wide range of services and assistance at all levels throughout the development process. We assist all our customers from the initial planning and development as well as the deployment level.

In addition to the support levels, we assist our customers with licensing, creating secure guidelines, personalizing tools, and maintaining the apps. Our team acts like an extension of your business, takes care of the application's performance, and guarantees no downtime.

When selecting the right Cloud Application Development Services provider, it is essential to search for a provider with vast experience, advanced technical abilities and capabilities, and a desire to comprehend your needs as a business and the vision of your project.

Sofvare is a renowned provider of the top cloud development services to businesses across the USA and has won clients for its innovative cloud-based solutions. Choose us because:

  • Dedicated cloud application developers
  • Strict NDA
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Security & IP Protection
  • Agile development process
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