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Big Data Analytics

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Big Data Analytics company

Sofvare is the one-stop solution provider for all your data analytics needs. Our experts can help you with every step of the process - from analysis to result in presentation and even ongoing support, so you can be sure that you’re always getting the best possible results.


Transforming Data into Decisions and Delivery using Design.

We help transform massive volumes of data into actionable insights that can be used to drive business decisions. We do so by leveraging our expertise in Data Science Analytics Services, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics Consulting. Our deep understanding of Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail & Healthcare domains helps create meaningful value through our 360-degree service offering.

Data Discovery

Data-driven and design-driven approach improves the capabilities of organizations and help create the business-relevant analysis that can be used in conjunction with technologies and its capabilities.

Data Intelligence

Automation of Data transformation process and providing easy-to-understand analysis, and understandable way to business decision-makers for better results.

Augmented Analytics

By implementing Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep learning to prepare data, process it and manage to provide Intelligent Insights.

Big Data

Big Data & Analytics Offerings

Research & Analytics
  • Decode the complexities of consumer behaviour through insight mining using a uniquely combined expertise.
  • Unify massive multi-structured and high-volume data into a 360-degree complete view of consumer behaviour.
  • Conduct prescriptive and predictive analyses by using statistical data modelling and analytics for big data.
Enterprise Data Management
  • Facilitates easy storage, linkage with traceability, storage, and retrieval of information across the data lifecycle.
  • Set up a data governance system to manage, store access, as well as data analytics in an environment that is secure and safe.
  • Ensure data consumption is cost-effective in conjunction with high data access and traceability levels.
Big Data & Data Lakes
  • Allow enterprises insights into market trends in real-time by reconfiguring their big-data sources and databases.
  • Implement on-premise or cloud data models for your business needs
  • Combine big-data platforms and current and exclusive COTS tools for data visualization.
Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
  • Take advantage of the latest-generation visual analytics tool available at your fingertips
  • Make use of self-service analytics for 360-degree analysis of the data
  • Engage with an intuitive and interactive visualization of data
  • Utilize interoperable data visualization software to design and create custom dashboards
Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences
  • Get the competitive edge by implementing solutions that span the entire lifecycle of data analytics from diagnostic, descriptive, and prescriptive to predictive.
  • Faster data validation using software for data analytics.
  • Perform an enhanced time series analysis.
  • Generate highly customizable dashboards.
  • Perform deep analysis using sophisticated, distributed structures as well as advanced techniques for data modelling.
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences
  • Utilize a complete AI platform to help enterprises make use of applications related to patterns, text, and data mining.
  • Utilize AI as well as ML algorithms to perform data analytics and high-precision data mining.
  • Produce traceable patterns with greater precision and relevance, using natural language processing, advanced data analytics, advanced text analytics, stream analytics, etc.
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics

Boost your Revenue with the Big Data Analytics company

Sofvare is your technology partner for data analytics services in the USA. We offer a full range of data analytics solutions to help you unlock hidden insights from data that are integral to your business. This will allow you to grow your business rapidly and increase profitability.

Whether you want to know what customers like about your product or how an economic slowdown affects sales, our expert analysts can develop real-time actionable reports to support decision-making at all levels.


Our Mission

We at Sofvare are committed to providing quality, professional extensive data analytics services & solutions with our team of expertly trained professionals. Our consultants and analysts offer superior expertise in all aspects of big data analytics. We continuously monitor market trends and consumer needs, enabling us to deliver top-notch services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations each time.

Vision Mission

The Big Data Process

  • Understand the Objective
  • Import the Data
  • Explore and Clean the Data
  • Model the Data
  • Communicate the Results
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Sofvare is among the top Innovative Big Data Analytics Companies providing valuable and personalized solution beginning with a conversation about your business, your data, and what you’re looking to get out of the analysis. Our objective is to find a way to help you extract value from data.