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Mobile App Development


Mobile App Development Company

We are the leading mobile app development firm that offers modern and efficient solutions that meet our clients' requirements for business.

Sofvare is USA based mobile app development company that develops applications with a focus on mobile applications. We will take your concept and turn it into an easily accessible digital application that will streamline your company and makes life easier for your clients.

Combining design thinking with an approach based on technology, we've launched hundreds of world-class enterprise applications that have dramatically increased businesses' bottom line.

Mobile App Development Company

Create your mobile App in Faster, More Effective, and Cost-Effective Ways.

In today’s age of digitalization, online presence of your business is what helps you stand out from the crowd. The software you are using must be reliable, secure, and easy to use to enjoy the most value from the online consumers. If you're searching for solutions that guide and are also affordable, then you're in the right place.

As among the reliable mobile app development companies in India, Sofvare offers efficient solutions and has the experience of many years since we've worked on various apps for mobile development with various businesses.

Your idea will be a beneficial asset for your business. We transform your concept into the most up-to-date mobile application with our help. Our expert team will help you design and develop your app more efficiently, cost-effectively, and timely.

Our multiple years of experience in mobile app development can assist you in creating your application quickly as well as cost-effective. Our customers worldwide are completely satisfied with our application development solutions, which is why they stay for a long time.


We Follow Customer-Centric Pattern of Working

Our Mission

Our mission is to design apps and digital solutions that bring people closer electronically.

The Best Professionals

Our tech-savvy team of adept designers creates products using modern, efficient, strong, secure, and durable technology in every way.

Our Vision

We aim to be a client tech company focusing on customer satisfaction. We will be able to guarantee to provide safe and highly technologically recommended solutions.

New Challenges

At Sofvare, we are driven by an insatiable need to improve, which motivates us to view every assignment as a learning opportunity.


Mobile App Development Services

Our developers are extremely experienced and are devoted to making clients' ideas a reality through innovative technology and infusing creative ideas. Our mobile app development services comprise


iOS Mobile App Development

Sofvare is full-stack iOS application development company. Our experienced team of iOS application developers has worked on numerous projects across different sectors. Whether you're searching for iOS apps for entertainment, business or news, gaming, or any other reason, we can help you accomplish your goals by creating the highest quality iOS mobile apps.


Android Mobile App Development

Sofvare takes pride in having a highly professional and skilled team of Android developers. Our team ensures that apps are developed in line with the design principle and aim to create a memorable experience for consumers.


Web App Development

Are you looking for a unique web app idea? Sofvare’s seasoned Mobile Web Development Team dedicated to creating innovative mobile applications and websites that offer users a positive experience.


Wearable Tech

We offer mobile application development for devices with sensors and smart screens. We deliver efficient solutions for IoT-based, wearable applications, health, and fitness-related apps, or interactive applications compatible with iWatch, Android Wear, or Google Glass. Our apps come with remotely collected data, cloud capability monitoring, and analysis.


Native Applications

Native apps are developed specifically for specific operating systems, such as Android and iOS, and thus provide a better user experience through system capabilities. We develop products based on specific guidelines of the platform you prefer, which will be able to reach your intended market and satisfy your specific requirements as a business.


Cross-platform app development

Utilizing the best frameworks and cross-platform technologies, our developers create custom, high-quality, user-friendly, and user-friendly mobile apps that satisfy the needs of industries, users, and various requirements.


Are you looking to create your own mobile Application?

We've developed more than four hundred Android and iOS-based app solutions. Let's transform your vision into a reality. Book your complimentary consultation today.


Custom Solutions for Your Business

Our experience in e-commerce, people-to-people fields, and other business sectors helps us develop mobile and web solutions tailored to our customer's needs. We can assist you anytime during your project, from an idea to design and development, through quality control and after-sales support.


Let's transform your vision into a possibility

Our highly experienced team creates application according to the timeframe and budget. The software developed by our highly skilled and experienced Mobile app designers will surely meet your needs.



Our team of professionals can see how to turn your ideas into an entirely functional mobile application. We have spent years working on various projects, and we know that each project is different and requires a lot of concentration. Considering that, our team does thorough research before deciding on the entire procedure.


User experience design

We've got a solution for every issue and strategies to convert your thoughts into successful developing mobile apps. We will help you develop an app that is flawless and helps to increase the number of customers who visit your company by providing the most app download.



Our team of testers ensures that the mobile application developed is completely free of bugs. Before releasing the application to our customers, our analysts run the application through a variety of modules. We assure that our app is bug-free and 100% secure.



We launch the application following the completion of all tests, requirement, and features. To make it easier for you, we have developed our mobile application also comes with instructions for installation and use.

About Company
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Why should you choose us?

We are always focused on building the best team that will create the application of your dreams for you.

  • A dedicated team of app developers.
  • The successful delivery of over multiple Android and iOS apps used by 100 thousand of users daily.
  • We offer you the right technologies for your projects that will not cause your application to fail at any moment.
  • he dedicated one-point project management and design team assignments.

Latest Technologies Integration

At Sofvare, we provide unbeatable services in developing hybrid and native apps. Our company is an all-inclusive application development company that offers end-to-end application development for major platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. Our team of experts is skilled in utilizing the latest tools and frameworks to create innovative mobile applications.

Mobile App Development at Rapid Speed

Mobile App Development at Rapid Speed

Implement your ideas in just a few weeks by using our low-code approach to the mobile app development process. Sofvare helps design and develop smart and flexible mobile solutions that can handle the most complicated workflows that can be implemented in a matter of minutes. We offer state of the latest software solutions to enterprises to simplify operations by integrating IT and business processes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The time required to create mobile apps is contingent on the app's nature and the features you would like to add. The smaller features require less time, and for mobile app development, it can take anywhere from several weeks to months to develop a fully functional mobile app.

Businesses will always gain if their applications have a simple design that anticipates the precise demands of the user. We are equipped with experienced in-house designers with exceptional design abilities to comprehend clients' expectations and provide them with clear user experiences.

As the top mobile app development company, we provide all the documentation needed for the mobile apps software or application that we create for your company. As a top mobile app development company, we sign an agreement prohibiting disclosure with all our clients. When you finish your project, you are the owner of your mobile application's code.

Before you choose a mobile application development platform, think about answering these fundamental questions:

  • What is your intended use for your application?
  • What do users' expectations are?
  • Which are the development costs?
  • What is the security implication?
  • How will the Mobile App Development Platform be able to integrate into another platform?

We offer mobile and web-based solutions for major industries. We have worked with more than 200 clients across the globe, which includes start-ups and SMEs in addition to multi decade old enterprises.

Our past and current clients include companies such as Smartbar USA, ClarionIns, AdYoYo, , Go-N-Dutch and others. Explore our portfolio to learn more.

Yes, we can assist in creating an app for your site. Whether you want have your own server or on the cloud.

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