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Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) 4.0

IoT 4.0

Providing The Best Industry 4.0 Solutions

Aomate manufacturing with the Industrial IoT Platform driven by 4.0 (Fourth) Industrial Revolution!

Industrial IoT is the next major computing trend. It’s a multi-billion market that brings together electronic sensors, software system, and hardware machines to improve processes, automation, safety, output and provide new infrastructure capabilities. The most exciting part here with Industrial IoT is still in its infancy, snowballing, meaning now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of the next major computing trend.

At Sofvare, we build industry-leading Industry 4.0 solutions that automate data collection, streamline processes, and make data insights available to help you improve your business. Our goal is to make the industrial internet of things as easy to use as the internet is today. We’re solving problems that have stumped large tech companies for years. And we’re doing it while keeping costs down and keeping quality high. It’s an exciting time to be in the Industrial IoT market, and we’re proud to be a part of it.


What does the Industrial IoT Platform bring to your business?

The Industrial IoT platform is the foundation for smart and connected devices to collect, process, and exchange data. With the platform, you can build, deploy, and manage an network of connected devices that will provide a ROI, helps you optimize your business processes, and improve bottom line.


Asset Tracking

IIoT solution connected with devices such as, beacons, sensors, or RFID technology, enables real-time monitoring of your industrial’ location, movement, and status.


Efficient Supply Chain

The solution also makes overall system efficient by making storage conditions and estimated arrival time visible, streamlining the entire supply chain.


Smart Manufacturing

IIoT creates a network of connected smart devices, collecting, and exchanging the data in real-time that enhance the operations in the manufacturing unit.


Inventory Management

Allows you to track your inventory meticulously by automating and optimizing warehouse operations using data analytics with IIoT.


Predictive Maintenance

Since IIoT collects insightful data from operations and machines, predicting and reducing potential downtime becomes predictable. Thereby, helps timely schedule maintenance, detecting defects and faults at early stages.

About Company

Our expertise in IIoT

We are the IIoT development company you can trust. Our IIoT development services are designed to help you digitize your business and generate data across a network of interconnected devices. We ensure our designed platform provides the security and scalability to meet the needs of your IoT project while remaining adaptable to your business requirements. Because we are an experienced IIoT development company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions.

You can benefit from our expertise and experience in building smart and connected devices and the Industrial IoT platform. You can rest assured about the IIoT app's user-friendliness regardless of its complexity and take it to the next level. Our IIoT team will work alongside you to design a solution that not only meets your expectations but also gives strong competition in the market.


Our Industrial IoT Services


Consultation and Strategizing

Whether you are out of ideas or new to IIoT, we help you with our creative heads, from identifying your business goals and digging up IIoT system capabilities to preparing a surefire roadmap for your Industry 4.0 solution development.


Custom IIoT Solution Development

We develop efficient and cost-effective IIoT solutions from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies based on your business requirements.


Middleware Development

Our IIoT professionals can also cater to your special need for middleware solutions, such as web services, infrastructure libraries, or integrations, to establish a more stable and secure connection between your IoT devices, data processing, and even user-side applications.


IIoT Solution Testing

To guarantee your Industrial IoT platform work as it should, we conduct vulnerability assessment and stress testing and measure the stability and scalability as well.


Support and maintenance

Our team can also back you up with IIoT app performance management, monitoring, proactively fixing on towards incidents sch as malfunctioning, security updates, user access management, and more.

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