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Kiosk Software Development


Kiosk Software Development

Make your business idea a reality by getting a self-service kiosk system. We help businesses grow by providing Kiosk Software and Application Development We offer complete solutions for Kiosk software Development as well as Implementation services.

Kiosk Sofrware Development

Create Custom Kiosk Software Development Solutions for Businesses' Needs

Get complete control over the devices within your business with a system designed for kiosk use. It allows manage kiosk devices in real-time. Single-app-mode lets run applications in a single mode dedicated only for the high usage and performance use. With places with high footfalls and limited manpower, kiosk is the best solution.

These systems can be designed to be accessed and controlled from any location by using the internet based remote control system. It also permits monitoring of the device's location in real-time, sending alerts if there are breaches or malfunction.


Features of kiosk software development

Automated repetitive IT tasks

Reduce IT cognitive burden by automating regular tasks. Set up tasks and receive real-time reports of the task's completion.

GPS-based Location Tracking

Monitor device location in real-time. Make use of Open Maps or incorporate Google Maps with Sofvare's dashboard.

High Productivity

Kiosk help augment the supply demand gap by providing self-serve and high precision systems that can operate all day with least business resources.

Create presentations

Create interactive presentations using audio, video, and images. The presentations can be played on loop or used to be screen display.

QR code-based enrolment

Setup of the device in just a couple of steps. Allow authentication by simply scanning a QR that you receive.

Detect Compliance Violations

Automate periodic checks of the performance and usage of your device. Find any violations of compliance with automatic alerts.


Kiosk Software Solution

Monitoring and Management of Devices

The dashboard for devices offers a summary of the status of all devices and the capability of quickly drilling down to the health of the components and initiating commands, such as reboots of remote devices.

Alert Management

Manage and configure alerts effortlessly across all your devices. Pre-defined component alerts allow for the easy setup of text and email messages for specific event notifications.

Transaction Management

You can easily monitor and report on transactions such as sales, payment and coupon dispensing voucher redemption, and much more.

Custom Dashboards

The extensibility and single-sign-on capabilities allow the quick creation and distribution of custom dashboards that permit users to control data with their language and perspective.

Management of Business/Location

Establish locations and business locations to permit granular control of devices and content and the reporting of alerts, usage, and transactions.

Analytics, Reporting, and Reporting

Explore the heartbeats of your device, user sessions, transactions, and much more to ensure your system's efficiency is always in your reach.

About Company
Why Choose Sofvare

Why Choose Sofvare for Kiosk Software Solution?

We develop Kiosk software that are user-centric, crusading to help businesses generate measurable growth, improved efficiency & reduced costs with mobility.

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Maintain device performance to increase productivity by fixing device issues remotely.

Reduced Manual Work

Our experts can develop a Kiosk system that will help you automate manual and day -to-day tasks to reduce manual errors, improved performances and save time.


Benefits of Integrating Kiosk Software into business

  • Kiosks are one of those features that can turn a good business into a great one by offering new revenue streams and customer experiences.
  • Kiosks can sell products, provide information, or even take payments more securely than traditional payment terminals.
  • Kiosks can also provide interactive content and entertainment, such as games and quizzes, for customers in waiting areas or even for children's parties.
  • Some businesses use kiosks to sell subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, making them an alternative to traditional newsstands or subscription boxes.
  • Kiosks can also be used for self-service applications such as retail payment and ticketing solutions, where customers can pay for goods and services without waiting in line at a checkout terminal.
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