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Vue.js vs. Angular: Which JavaScript Framework to Choose?

AngularJS Framework Development Services are on the rise, and everyone wants to know whether to use Vue.JS or Angular framework for their next project.

A lot of major corporations are often faced with the dilemma of choosing the right framework, which will stand by their side in the future and also be scalable. This is why we need to compare both of these and know everything before making a final decision.

Here are some of the major brands which have chosen Angular JS for their platforms:

• Adobe
• Alibaba
• Behance
• Buzzfeed
• Euronews
• Gitlab
• Grammarly
• Xiaomi

Here are some other major brands which have decided to opt for VUE.JS for their services:

• Forbes
• Freelancer
• General Motors
• PayPal
• Nike
• Sony
• Upwork

The short and diplomatic answer to this is that both the options are equally good, and it depends on the programmer to choose the framework. However, today, we will compare these frameworks and see which one is better for web development services.

Which JavaScript Framework Should You Choose?

Let us reiterate the diplomatic answer once again. While both of these frameworks offer a multitude of benefits and advantages, there are subtle key differences between the two. Any AngularJS Development Company will tell you that you can use either of these and not find much difference. Let’s put that statement to the test.

Pros of Angular Framework

1. Enhanced Server-Side Rendering

Angular JS platform provides improved Server-Side Rendering (SSR) capabilities that increase client-side page speeds. This makes the Angular JS framework more suited for SEO implementation.

2. A Wide Range of Tools

Angular 8 came out with a bunch of pre-built tools, filters, and options to make the development process much easier for the programmers. These features include but are not limited to, lazy loading, virtual scrolling, and Ivy preview.

3. Enhanced Testing

Do you want advanced refactoring and rich debugging features? Well, Angular JS Framework offers just that. The latest AngularJS Framework Development Services come with pre-built testing and maintenance options for the developers. This way, you can refactor the code for new projects and also debug issues with simplicity and greater control.

4. MVC Model System

Angular JS framework offers MVC (Model-view-controller) model to the audiences. This way, you can separate different sections of the code depending on their purpose, and easily control everything in an efficient and organized manner. Every AngularJS Development Company will emphasize this benefit when talking in favor of the Angular JS Framework.

Pros of VUE.JS Framework

1. Memory Consumption

Do you want to create lighter apps and web apps? If yes, go for VUE.JS. Any VUE.JS app can be as light as 20kb in the production server. So, VUE.JS is perfect for low memory consumption options, as it offers lightweight application building services.

2. Easy-to-learn

In 2019, VUE.JS CLI was rated under the most popular JavaScript frameworks category. Compared to other frameworks, including Angular, its CLI is too basic and easy-to-understand. Besides, the documentation is extensive and always up-to-date. Both of these factors render it the first option for those who are or want to join the arena of growth with an easy-to-learn framework.

3. Enhanced Readability

Since the VUE.JS architecture is written in JavaScript, this framework is easily readable and offers a clean syntax. This allows it easy for us to interpret and comprehend the application and push the cycle of creating an app forward.

4. Integration Capabilities

VUE.JS framework makes the development and integration process faster and clearer. This makes it the choice of developers to create both single page application from scratch and incorporate high-end components into an established framework.

Angular VS. VUE.JS: The Bottom Line

After laying down the top benefits of both the frameworks, it is time to conclude the argument and choose the winner. Well, they are both equally good. However, there are situations that can ascertain the choice for you. While both are good for development, here are some tips for choosing the best framework depending on the project.

Choosing Angular JS Framework

You should choose AngularJS Framework Development Services if:

• You are developing a complex project.
• You want to offer real-time and quick online services, such as chatting, etc.
• You want reliable scalability.
• You want to use object-oriented programming fundamentals into your code.

Choosing VUE.JS Framework

You should choose VUE.JS if:

• You want to create a lightweight app or web service.
• You want to offer high speed and enhanced performance to end-users.
• You want to create a small-scale project.
• You want to have clear code in your project rather than complex object-oriented functions.

The choice is up to you. It is quite ironic that we tried to avoid the diplomatic answer, but the choice clearly depends on the programmer and the requirements of the project. Choose carefully.