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Develop User-Friendly and High-Performance iOS and Android Mobile Apps Using Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It can be used to develop applications for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and the web from a single codebase.

In the present scenario of the ever-advancing Mobile Application World, frameworks such as Flutter are having huge acceptance. Progressive forward-looking companies are working on launching well-functioning mobile applications rapidly to grow their business and userbase. To achieve this, companies are looking at technologies like Flutter.

Top Advantages of having your next project in Flutter

1. Cross-platform Fast and Simple development

By using Flutter, there is no need to build separate applications for two different platforms. Build once, have a single codebase, and you can use it for both the platforms.

Code Development time and resources can be reduced substantially.

2. Expeditious Testing

There are three types of testing which are needed to be performed while developing an app.

Unit Testing: Tests a single function, method, or class Widget Testing: Tests a single widget

Integration Testing: Tests a complete app or a large module of an app
As we don’t need to create separate applications for various platforms, the testing time is reduced.

3. Simple to Adopt

The Flutter Software Development Kit (SDK) makes the development process easier by providing the latest compiler, debugger, and of course a framework.

Flutter makes use of Dart programming language which is quick to learn if you are already familiar with Java, JavaScript (JS), and C#.

4. Highly Customizable Widgets

Flutter has an enormous widget library that has reusable UI components such as images, sliders, texts, buttons, and furthermore. All these widgets can be customized as preferred by the recipient.

5. Compatibility

Flutter manages every pixel on the screen, so we can be sure that our widgets will look the same on every mobile device (even in the older ones). Hence, coding in Flutter allows us to create amazing UI that looks exactly the same on any device.

6. Powerful Community

Amazing documentation provided by Flutter Devs which teaches whatever one wants to learn regarding Flutter. Each and every function is explained with appropriate examples and minute detail. Thanks to this, Bug Fixes are fast. And Flutter has a strong growing community of experts which will help you if you get stuck somewhere.


To conclude, Flutter has many advantages for business and development teams. It’s a great opportunity to build ideal and high-performing mobile apps that fit your needs and requirements.

At Sofvare, we are currently working with Flutter and are ready to answer all your questions regarding this framework. If you want to build an app with this, get in touch and we will make sure to deliver an outstanding app for your business.