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Tools for Testing AngularJS Applications

Crafting a solution is never enough. You need to test the solution you have devised multiple times before you can actually know whether it will work in the real world or not. Testing today’s time and age has become easy and automated thanks to the many tools available in the market. The tools help understand the quality, the development guide and document every functionality and performance parameter being measured for the application.

If the frontend of the application has been developed using AngularJS, you need to use the tools available for the same, in the market, to ensure the application works properly and is smooth and user friendly as you had proposed it to be. Want to know which tools will help you subject your AngularJs applications to thorough testing? We have curated an entire list for the same.


Karma is the test runner tool majorly used for NodeJS applications also supports the AngularJS application testing. You need to install this tool in your global node_modules directory for smooth running of the testing tool. With this tool by your side, you can test the application on real devices, which makes your testing process complete. You can control the entire workflow with the command line, using this tool. The debugging is made easy with this tool by your side. The tool also promotes simple continuous integration with Jenkins and Travis.

Angular Mocks

The ngMock testing tool is another impressive creation by the makers of AngularJS. The purpose of this tool is to inject and mock the AngularJS services using the unit tests. You can even use the tool to extend it to the other modules synchronously. The synchronous tests make up for cleaner and easier methods of testing the application. With the inject method, you basically inject dependencies to test the application.


A simple, extensible and fast testing suite, Mocha was earlier created to test NodeJs applications. However, today the testing tool has been extended for the AngularJS applications as well. If you are planning behaviour driven development and are opting for unit and integration testing, then this is the go-to tool for you. The describe function available with this testing tool allows you to describe the features that you have planned for the application in detail. The argument function is where you are bound to describe the features.


When you combine AngularJS with Browserify, you create the dream team for your single page applications. You can easily combine common JS modules with the AngularJS dependency system, which makes it easy for you not just from coding perspective, but also from testing purposes. The script tags present in index.html will be replaced by a single script tag in case of Browserify. The unit tests can be easily written independently of the AngularJS coding, which means you can easily use any testing framework with Browserify.


Lodash is not just an excellent tool for AngularJS application development, but also an excellent testing tool. You can easily manipulate and test the values with this tool. It works well in case of modularity and performance testing. With modularity, you can easily increase the code coverage when performing unit testing.


Whether you are planning behaviour driven environment or a test driven environment, the Chai testing tool is your best bet to test applications from the core. If you want to DRY the existing tests, it is made easy with the custom plugins that you can build using this tool. Developing plugins to authorize the unit tests and check the functionality and performance of the application is made easy with this tool.


Use this tool with any unit testing framework, and you are sure to get excellent results. You can test the function using testing fakes or mocks, as may seem as a viable option to you. You don’t need to worry about dependencies when using this testing tool. It is majorly used to mock out the directives as well as the controller dependencies in the unit tests, in a way that the functions are called using the correct arguments. Summing up

Developing applications with AngularJS has been made easy with the numerous tools and frameworks available for the different development environments. JavaScript testing has been made easy with the tools available for the different testing needs and environments.

If you are planning a single page application, we would suggest you to look no further than the AngularJs framework, as it offers ease of both development and testing, and ensures well-designed applications.

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