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React Native App Development


React Native Application Development Services

React Native app development services: Tailored to meet your business needs.

Get a custom-made, business-oriented app developed by React Native's top mobile app development company. Utilizing React Native, we reduce time-to-market without compromising UI, performance, and stability while maintaining a faster development process.

Sofvare has large team of talented and experienced React Native app developers that can create a mobile application that is both effective and user-friendly. We offer a complete suite of React Native app development services for all your business requirements.

React Native App

React Native app development company helps you achieve your goals quickly

React Native allows you to create mobile apps using a single codebase that works for all OS platforms. It's a JavaScript library allows you to create mobile apps for Android or iPhones. This allows the developer to make the most desired modifications to the source code without recompiling it. It's lightning fast and greatly speeds up the software development process. It allows apps to be integrated faster on iOS and Android without compromising performance or UX.

We are a leading React Native development firm worldwide, thanks to our extensive knowledge of this technology. Our large team can use React Native with AR/VR, Wearable, and other technologies to create any mobile app your business needs.

Sofvare provides a wide range of React Native development services for businesses in all industries. We believe in technological advances and use the most recent technologies to create robust applications that enable companies to grow. React Native app developers, designers, and consultants are experts in their field. They can help improve performance and target specific business models.

Sofvare makes use of cross-platform technologies and the React Native framework. With every tap on the app screen, our full stack React Native apps development services aim for seamless user experiences across all platforms, Android & iOS. React Native framework is our specialty in creating high-quality, cross-platform mobile apps in a defined timeframe and with complete satisfaction. Sofvare can help you maximize the benefits of React Native in your project. We will show you how to accelerate your business growth by creating a React Native app.

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Why Work with Us?

Business expertise

Leverage our professional React Native App Development Services and grow your small businesses, startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

The power of a team

Our greatest strength is our amazing asset: our team of 250+ professionals dedicated to delivering unstoppable results for our clients.

Unbeatable Experience

Sofvare and its team have over 10 years of experience providing next-generation mobile app development services to hundreds of clients worldwide.

Consistent delivery

In the past 10 years, developers at Sofvare have developed multiple mobile apps, digital portals, and business solutions.

Development Services

React Native App Development Services We Offer

Sofvare can help you harness the power of React Native App Development Services. We transform your concept app idea into a reality and improve the app with powerful features and an interactive interface. The following are our native app development services:


React Native App Development

We are a trusted React Native developer company and offer the best React Native app customization services. We also build native mobile apps that will meet your business needs. Our developers can create a new app or update an existing React Native app.


React Native Consulting

React Native's skilled consultants will stay in touch with clients to help them understand their mobile application development goals and give guidance. We help you achieve your set goals by providing guidance and a roadmap to ensure the highest return on investment.


Support & Maintenance with React Native

After the application is launched, our experts offer prompt tech support and maintenance. We also monitor the system and ensure that it is running efficiently. Any issues that your application faces are fixed quickly and without delay. We help with app upgrades, bug fixing, security, as well as other issues.


React Native Migration

Our migration experts will help you convert your Android or iOS application to a React Native app. As we move your app to other mobile platforms and web devices, we react with native mobile app developers to ensure that users are not affected by any glitches.


React Native Cross-platform App Development

Our React Native developers' expertise can help you improve your business's ROI. Sofvare is the right choice if you're looking for top-notch Cross Platform Development services. We can help you grow and scale your business faster without disturbing your budget.


React Native MVP development

React Native MVP services can help you build your product quickly and reduce overheads. This allows you to get maximum user feedback and then iterate into a better product. Hire Sofvare’s experienced developers today and enhance the quality of your app.


React Native Development Company - Build Scalable, High-End Apps

We'll match you with the right talent according to your requirements. Sofvare will provide you with a dedicated technical project manager and full transparency into your team's work history.


Get World-Class React Native App Development Services

Sofvare uses the React Native framework for high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps. Our apps are intuitive and can be used on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.


Our React Native App Development Approach

We are a leader in React Native app development and have many innovative solutions that we successfully deploy around the globe. Here's our incredible approach for React Native App Development Services



Our creative and development teams thoroughly study the client's vision and needs. Once understood, we come up with creative ways to communicate the message.



Through close collaboration with clients, our React Native developers design and sketch the entire interface per the client's needs and business goals. We also plan the technology and framework of the application.



To ensure smooth development, we follow a step-by-step approach. Our Native Development teams collaborate closely with clients and keep them informed at every stage of the development process.



We create web and mobile applications for our clients according to their specifications. We test the product thoroughly before it goes live to identify and fix any bugs or performance issues.

React Native App Development
Why go

Why go for React Native App Development Services?

React Native allows you to create mobile apps using a single codebase that works on all OS platforms.

  • Developers can use many third-party plugins to make React Native apps more appealing.
  • React native allows you to transfer the code to other platforms. This ultimately allows you to save a lot of money.
  • Cross-platform apps can be created that are responsive and smooth allowing you reach more audience.
  • React native includes many pre-built components which can be used to create a better solution.
  • Modular programming allows for much more flexibility and offers scope to customize as and when necessary.

Tools & Technologies we use for React Native app development services

Sofvare is always one step ahead with our selection of robust, scalable, and reliable technology stacks. We ensure the best performance and highest return on investment for our clients. Here's a look at our technology stacks to help you develop React Native apps.

React Native App Development
Hire React Native Developers

Hire Our React Native App Developers Under Flexible Engagement Models

We are a highly rated React Native app developer company and have developed custom engagement plans that best suit client project requirements and business goals. Request a quote for your React Native app development projects.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It allows developers to share the same codebase across Android and iOS apps. This makes future updates and maintenance much easier and drastically reduces development time and costs. It is also possible to add new technology or app features without downtime.

The cost of developing a customized react native app will depend on the features and customizations required, the timeline for development and the experience of the company or team hiring. React Native app development costs can vary depending on these factors.

An enterprise-wide, fully customized React Native app could cost millions. Asking for a quote is a great idea so you can compare your options in terms of cost and quality.

It all depends on your needs. However, react native allows you to develop mobile apps faster because the same code can work for both platforms. This indirectly allows you to save money.

Our tech consulting and mobile app development experience is enough to build feature-rich applications per your needs. We have earned clients' trust due to our unique abilities and reputation in communicating complex programming and web platform services.

React Native is used to create incredible and feature-rich websites and applications. We are available for any questions or improvement/modifications even after completing the project because we focus on customer satisfaction. However, for major or huge changes, we charge extra. This totally depends upon what changes or modifications you need. Contact our team to know more.

Yes, it is possible to migrate an existing native mobile application to React Native. We provide React Native consulting and support to assist with the migration.

We have an incredible team of native mobile application developers skilled in developing applications for many industry verticals such as fitness, healthcare, real estate marketing, advertising, finance, shopping apps, etc.

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