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Why The Language Of Python Is Used By Just About Everyone

Python is not just a snake it is also a working programming language that was created by a Dutch programmer, Guido van Rossum in 1989. Released in 1991, it​ is one of the fastest-growing programming languages that has endured since its inception.

Here is a list of some of the many advantages of Python Programming:

  • Python’s large selection of pre-built libraries fits just about anyone’s needs. Scientific computing, image and data processing, machine learning, and deep learning.
  • Python’s code is simple to use due to its clean syntax and allows for the creation of quick prototypes.
  • The ROI of commercial projects is accelerated because Python code can be written and shipped faster.
  • A built-in framework allows unit tests that help to ship bug-free code. 

Let’s look at some companies that use Python and how it works in the real world of business.

Industrial Light and Magic 

Founded in 1975 by George Lucas to create FX for his Star Wars saga winning many awards for ILM’s work in the film industry.

Early on ILM worked mostly on practical effects but began to see that the future of FX was computer-generated images (CGI).

ILM first worked with the Unix shell which could only handle small quantities of work.

Thus began the search for a program that could handle the workload for their future projects.

Python 1.4 was chosen over Perl and Tcl because it was faster to integrate into their infrastructure.

ILM found it simple to import Python into their lighting software due to its easy interoperability with C and C++.


A huge proponent of Python is Spotify the music streaming giant, which is using the programming language for data analysis and back-end services.

Spotify liked the speed of the development pipeline when coding and writing in Python.

Spotify has made recent upgrades to its architecture using ​Gevent​ providing a fast event loop with high-level synchronous API.


Dropbox uses Python in its desktop client for its cloud-based storage.

Dropbox was serious about acquiring Python as the company convinced Python creator Guido van Rossum to leave Google and join Dropbox.

Van Rossum came aboard as an engineer by agreement, not as a manager.

Van Rossum, in his first year, brought the ability to share datastores with other users inside the Dropbox community.

Dropbox has very efficient APIs coded in Python which allows one to see just how their engineers think. 

There are over 500 current programming languages and more are coming every day. 

Many are not designed to be used outside a lab or theoretical setting.

Which programming languages one uses for everyday coding, is a choice one has to make. 

Python has made its mark in the world of coding and by choosing it one cannot go wrong.

A Good Choice For Big Data Projects

Python is known for its ease of use and that it makes code that works with the least number of lines.

No limitations to data processing, data can be computed in commodity machines, laptops, desktops, cloud, virtually everywhere.

Python’s compatibility makes it a good choice to use it with

Hadoop ​ the most popular open-source big data platform.​                                 

Python’s interface to Hadoop is Pydoop and it allows a programmer to write MapReduce API for complex problem solving with little programming effort.

Python is an easy programming language to learn even  if you are not a programmer for three reasons:

  • Ample learning resources.
  • Readable code.
  • A large community that is always there to help other programmers with any issues.

Data scientists can easily find someone in most departments who have a working knowledge of Python.

With Python’s popularity as a programming language choosing Python is a win-win for data scientists and businesses. It is perfect for web development, the Internet of Things, machine learning, startups, healthcare, and many others. Do you want to find out how Python can do wonders for your project? Contact us for a free consultation.