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Python for Web Development Vs. Data Science

Why is Python Favored Over Other Languages?

Minstrels are writing songs about Python, and every Python Web Development Company cannot stop singing the praises of this high-level language. Python has revolutionized the fields of web development and data science/visualization for the better. This high-level language can be used for:

• Data Science and Evaluation of Datasets
• Web development using Python Web Framework Development
• Prototyping
• Data Analysis
• Data Visualization
• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Fintech
• AI Algorithm Implementation

What Companies Use Python?

The majority of big data warehouses and software development companies are making the shift from outdated languages to Python. Here are some major platforms and tools that extensively use Python to offer flawless services to clients:

• Google
• YouTube
• Instagram
• Spotify
• Reddit
• Mozilla Firefox
• Dropbox
• BitTorrent (Peer-to-Peer Program)

What is Better? Python for Web Development or Data Science?

Well, there is no easy or one-word answer to this. Any good Python Web Development Company will tell you that choosing a programming language depends on multiple variables and requirements.

However, you need to understand some vital comparative elements before choosing Python for your next web development or data science project.

Python Web Framework Development

Python is extensively used for web development, web apps, and other libraries used for online interactions. Here are some of the top perks of choosing Python for web development.

1. Pre-Built Libraries

Python offers a multitude of pre-built libraries for web development. So, instead of creating your own libraries or APIs, you can repurpose those libraries for your requirements. Here are some useful libraries that you can use:
• Scientific computing
• Digital image processing
• Large dataset processing
• Machine learning
• AI Implementation
• Deep learning

2. Lesser Time to Code

Python requires a lesser amount of time to write the code for a website. It offers an easy-to-read syntax, clean layout, and enhanced management so that the programmers can carry out the same task in a lesser amount of time period.

3. Built-in Unit Testing Modules

Who doesn’t want to use a bug-free code? With other languages, programmers have to write their own test units, and this often gets ignored. However, Python offers built-in unit testing services, so you can test the code at every step, and launch a bug-free code.

4. Fast-to-implement Micro-services

Moreover, you don’t have to write everything from scratch. Python offers a wide array of fast-to-implement micro-services that work together in harmony. Any Python Web Framework Development can re-use the source code from those services and set up a website.

Here are some of the top Python frameworks for your next web development project:

• Django
• Flask
• Pyramid
• Web2Py
• Sanic
• Japronto
• aiohttp
• Twisted
• Falcon

Python Data Science

From established organizations to feeble startups, every organization is trying to embrace the art of data science to optimize its internal processes and enhance its overall productivity.

Python is one of the top 10 programming languages used for data science applications, such as numerical computations, machine learning, and various data science applications. Here are some of the perks associated with choosing Python for your next data science project.

1. Faster Performance

What do data scientists want? Faster performance. Python offers optimized fast performance for extracting meaningful information from massive datasets. While other languages are still categorizing the dataset, Python is finished with obtaining the desired information.

2. Quick and Lesser Coding

Instead of having to write thousands of lines of code, Python gives you the power of quickly writing the code with a lesser amount of lines. This is because Python comes with a wide range of useful built-in data science libraries. All you have to do is invoke them in your code, call the respective function, and use it.

3. Accurate and Precise Results

Python offers accurate and precise results after mining the dataset. This is why the majority of scientists and researchers prefer Python for their academic, scientific, and research projects.

4. No Need for A Separate Compiler

Python is almost 23-years old and is a dynamic and powerful language. You can quickly write and execute the code without having to select a separate compiler. This is why you can integrate a data science feature into the web app without having to opt for any additional framework or resources.

The Verdict

Well, choosing any programming language is a personal choice. However, if you decide to go with Python, we would recommend that you use it for Data Science projects.

While Python Web Framework Development is impressive and fast, it still lacks a few things because other languages have a more detailed help section and documentation. However, Python is extensively used for data science applications, and you can easily find all sorts of help in the online world for Python projects.