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Online Real Estate Solution


Online Real Estate Solution

With the ever-growing real estate industry, there is growing opportunity to help buyers as well as sellers provide smarter and better platform without compromising on the quality of services. This is exactly where Sofvare came into play with their Real Estate Solution services. Our Solution can allow any real estate agency to efficiently track, manage and close leads related to the property dealings of their clients while always keeping them in the loop through real-time updates and notifications. Our developed solutions are platform independent such as iPad or iPhone as well as desktop views, thus enabling agents to remain connected to their business while traveling and in the office.

Online Real Estate Solution

About The App

Sofvare is provider of an online real estate solution that can facilitate much more than just an introduction to real estate. Our innovative solution offers salient features such as buyers view property listings and see all the photos, videos, and floor plans availability. Agents can track their prospects as well as lead conversions, so they are always up to date with their business trajectory. Sofvare also has expertise in CRM that can help centralize client information and make it easier for agents to interact and improve their deals closure.

Additionally, our solution includes most sought features designed to help sellers advertise their properties, such as featured listings, a brochure gallery, and video tours. Sellers also can customize each listing depending on what might be important to potential buyers.


Client Requirements

The client requirements are high-level but need to be more detailed for developers to create a product. They want something that will be customizable according to their needs and expandable with new functionality. There needs to be more information about what kind of technology they prefer.

They told us that they want this app to be a web-based platform as well as Android and iOS apps that can help buyers see all properties and agents, have mobile-friendly user interfaces that can share maximum property details and have a huge variety. The app should also allow agents to create new leads or track existing ones conveniently. It should also give buyers access to live listings and price comparisons so they can find properties that best suit their needs.

With these requirements, our team created a product that is highly customizable and easy to use. We chose to build a web-based solution using cloud technology so that users can access it from any device with the internet and is also scalable. The app can be customized according to specific needs through filters and user roles. It has a live listing that includes price comparisons and property details like location, description, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, etc. It also includes agent contact information so buyers can reach agents directly for any query or questions about properties.


Challenges We Faced During the Development Phase

We faced some challenges in designing and developing a scalable, user-friendly app that would solve these problems and meet our client’s needs. We had to find a way to easily search for properties, upload listings and edit listings while not compromising the app’s loading speed. The app needed to be able to track leads and close deals quickly. It also needed an intuitive design allowing users to navigate it without difficulty.

We first reviewed how other real estate apps work and their strengths to achieve all of these. Our research revealed that few app options on either Google Play or Apple’s App Store focused on visual search and listings that also feature the lead closing features.

Since many data points and layouts needed to be considered, we had to get over our learning curve by developing a scalable app. We also needed an interface that would keep users engaged and allow them to stay on our app for longer. Keeping all these constraints and goals in mind when coming up with a design solution was difficult, but we came up with a neat solution after evaluating multiple designs.

Having already developed a few apps ourselves, we had some knowledge about how to develop a scalable, user-friendly mobile app. We also had some database experience, so that would not be an issue.

Sofvare has overcome these challenges by launching an app that has significantly impacted our client’s business towards growth.


Our Approach

Founded by a team with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Sofvare is a leading name when it comes to the world of app development companies. The app is developed by a team with over 8 years of experience in real estate sector. While developing this real estate app, we prepared strategies and came up with a solution that let us fulfil our client’s needs.

  • Finalise the features and modules as app needs.
  • Get the screen for each module or feature.
  • Finally, transform into working module.

With reference to our designs, we are very methodical starting from wireframing on to implement them as part of our development process.

It’s important to note that we followed an iterative approach for developing both these screens and all other parts of our process. The product is always reviewed with users to arrive at a solution that worked better than our client’s ideas.


Features and Modules

Sofvare is an award-winning real estate solution provider that helps our client offer buyers see properties agency sales team to track, close and related functionalities. With its robust features and functionalities, we have seen our client having immense growth in all areas. Some of our top features include:

  • MANAGE PROFILE : The app allows users to create a profile by inputting their contact information and uploading a profile photo.
  • REQUEST FOR PROPERTIES : Users can specify their preferred location, budget, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms they are looking for.
  • GET PROPERTIES LISTED BY LOCATION : The app will then list out properties that match the user’s criteria – both active listings as well as new listings.
  • ADD & MANAGE PROPERTY : One of the best features of this app is, it lets you bookmark property details and save them for later viewing. You can also schedule showings with any property on your saved list
  • SET UP SEARCH FILTERS : When you find a property you like, it lets you set up search filters, so you only receive notifications when certain requirements are met
  • LEAD MANAGEMENT : It gives you access to lead management where you can check with the property was able to give you huge profits.

Business Benefits of Online Real Estate Solutions

This online real estate app allows buyers to search for properties and have access to agency sales teams who can track, close, and follow up with leads. With this app, the agency sales team can also connect with their clients more efficiently by sending push notifications. One of the features that make this an excellent app is its integration into third-party software of geo maps so that prospective buyers can see where they want to live from anywhere in the world and then make an informed decision about which property best suits their needs.

Users can get updates of their favourite properties by following page and get emails as well as push notifications. This is an excellent way to find a home without delays, ensuring you have all available information at your fingertips. It is also very easy for sellers to manage and market their properties online and access an accurate valuation with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Working with Us


Sofvare is an experienced solution provider helping our client being a new player get established in the real estate market and has seen a lot of success with these types of apps. Despite facing a lot of technical challenges, we were able to overcome all these hurdles with our team effort and expertise. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and hope to see more growth in the future!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have incorporated our expertise into this product to make it more robust and scalable for our customers’ needs, so we can handle large volumes without a hitch and without having to worry about scalability issues. The app loads fast have a user-friendly UI/UX and creative notification features.

Our online real estate solution provides many functions so that you can manage all aspects of your property listings seamlessly. This app allows you to search for properties by geographical location, desired price range, or number of bedrooms. You can add any property listing to your watch list as well as get alerts when new properties become available within your parameters.

We use cutting-edge software tools such as Angular, Flutter, MongoDB, Node JS etc., with continuous testing on each iteration ensuring very high serviceability!

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