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Introducing OEM IoT

The Future of Smart Manufacturing

Introducing OEM IoT Solutions

OEMs Embrace IoT Solutions to Stay Competitive

IoT Technology Solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers is designed to simplify manufacturing processes. Sofvare can streamline production levels, improve workflows, decrease costs, and enhance customer experiences using IoT technology. We streamline your production process with real-time data feeds from sensors and modules on assembly lines worldwide, we work alongside your team to turn data into intelligence.

Increase revenue through IoT integration solutions offered by Sofvare IoT Technology Services. We have experience and knowledge that makes things simple for our customers.

Customer Relationships

Build Relationships with Customers and Partners

OEM IoT solutions can provide manufacturers with better information to create specialized (and differentiated) products. With so many advantages, it is imperative for companies looking to grow their businesses in the digital age to take advantage of the benefits offered by OEM IoT Solutions. Sofvare has been at the forefront of this movement, helping our clients get ahead of the competition.

OEM IoT Solutions

OEM IoT Solutions

Our team of highly experienced, world-class industry experts, and cutting-edge solution provider assisting companies overcome the difficulties and complexity.

  • Select the best architecture to meet requirements.
  • Make your mark faster with customized modules.
  • Lower the development cost and boost ROI.
  • Reduce the risk of delays with more uptimes.

Features of OEM IoT Solutions

  • Automation IoT will automate processes for your product that were once done manually, freeing up time for other tasks and improving quality control as well as efficiency.
  • Multiple data collection points from your product that you never knew existed, giving more insights into its usage and improvement analysis.
  • Allows you innovate your product in ways never before possible, helping create new products and opening up new markets for your company.
  • Security keeps your product safe from unauthorized access meeting industry standard and future ready security measures.
  • Connectivity allows product to be connected to a network, allowing you to control it remotely and communicate with other devices.
Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity Through Smart Manufacturing

OEM IoT Solutions help you bridge information gaps and streamline inefficiencies in your operations, enabling you to control your processes better. As a result, companies that implement smart manufacturing can reduce costs while increasing productivity multiple times. If you’re looking for ways to improve your business’ efficiency, implementing smart manufacturing, Sofvare could be a great place to start.


OEM Industry has benefits with IoT


Reduce Risks

With letting machines doing most of the heavy work, chances of human loss become very low.


Save Costs

Integrating IoT technologies improves efficiencies and cuts down costs across the supply chain and lifecycle operations.


Automate Operations

Reduce costs and run a balanced supply chain through automated inventory tracking and increased operations visibility at real-time.



Less down time and precision in the output helps maintain the quality and consistent output.


Get the Most out of Manufacturing

Our industrial IoT solutions help make equipment and businesses brighter than ever before.

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Getting started with IoT for OEMs

At Sofvare, we provide IoT solution for OEMs on all platforms, including Android and iOS devices. We’ve made it our mission to help you get started with IoT solutions, and there’s no project too big or too small.