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Mobile App Redesign

Do you know Instagram has changed its logo multiple times since the launch?

This natural evolution of redesign makes the app up-to-date for generations to use. That is why brands invest in redesigning their websites and mobile apps. As the userbase increases, the demands also increase and in this competitive edge, if you are not able to provide users what they want, they will move on to another platform. When it comes to mobile applications, brands have to adapt and introduce new versions with the latest frameworks and functionality.

Mobile Applications are constantly bringing ease to get more users and interactions. If an existing design is not working the way you expected, then it is time to move on and consider redesigning your mobile application.

Mobile App Redesigning is not an easy task. Firstly, you need to figure out what are the ongoing trends in your industry. Secondly, decide what changes in the layout can impact the way customers react to your application/ The entire process can turn out to be topsy-turvy if you do not enlist the help of an expert mobile app development company.

When to Redesign your App?

a) If your application is not retaining an audience and is bringing nearly the equivalent number of uninstalls as installs, then it is clearly time to redesign your application.

b) If your application’s on-screen time is decreasing consistently day by day, it is quite possible that your userbase is interacting less with your application, before letting them go, you should consider redesigning your application.

c) If your competitor’s mobile application is faster, secure, and better than yours, you might surely consider redesigning your application.

Understand your Audience

If your application is active for few months, you might have some data. Check what screen is most used by your users, check what features are the most used, and re-engineer them with the latest features. Collect feedback about your application from genuine users, head over to Playstore or App store and read reviews. This will help the mobile app development team to understand the audience and develop a feature-rich simple application.

Choose the Correct Team

For making a second attempt to succeed, you might want to have the best developers for your application. At Sofvare, it is our regular practice to design an application for one client or the other. We have redesigned various applications and all of them are having better stats than earlier. After an application is developed and is ready to go into production, it is tested aggressively to make sure all the features are working as required.

Gather Feedback

Having genuine feedbacks will help you in the upcoming versions of your application. As time passes, you would have to repeat this cyclical process all over. 

Interested in some assistance with redesigning your mobile application? Contact us today and an expert from our team will guide you with the smooth transition process.