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Human Resource Management System


Human Resource Management System

Human resources are the lifeblood of any organisation. If your organisation needs the right human resources, you might as well not have an organisation at all! That’s why it’s crucial to have a dedicated HRM System to help your employees grow and provide them with the opportunities they need to succeed in their roles. But how do you know what HR practices are most effective, both in attracting new talent and retaining existing talent?

Here’s what we come in. Sofvare helps employers and employees manage their relationship, from the initial posting through the employee’s transition out of the company. Reliable CRM software can help you manage all your employee-related challenges efficiently in one plan.

Human Resource Management System

About The App

Sofvare, a leading provider of HR management solutions, has developed a revolutionary new platform to make the job search process easier for employers and job seekers. The platform helps employers list available positions, receive applications, and easily manage their workforce. It also provides recruiters with an efficient way to track the progress of each applicant and easily communicate with them.

This powerful combination of features gives employers the tools they need to attract qualified candidates and provides job seekers with a streamlined way to access the perfect job. This Human Resource Management System can quickly scan through hundreds of applications and match employers with the best-suited candidates by utilising advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence.

By providing employers and job seekers with a powerful suite of tools, Sofvare is setting the standard for HR management solutions.


Client Requirements

As more companies adopt digital technologies to streamline their operations, the demand for innovative Human Resource (HR) management solutions continues to grow. At Sofvare, we have been hard at work to meet the needs of our clients & develop a platform that can address the ever-changing needs of the HR industry.

The client had a specific set of requirements in mind when they approached us to develop their HR platform. They wanted something that could easily manage large databases of job listings and job seekers, facilitate communication between employers and candidates, and provide an easy way for employers to search for the best candidates for their open positions. They also wanted something to be integrated into their existing system without hassle.

Our team is always ready to consider our client’s specific needs and preferences. For instance, they wanted an easy-to-use and intuitive platform with features like drag-and-drop job listings and automated search filters. We also needed to ensure that the platform would be secure, with reliable backups and data encryption measures. Finally, our client was adamant about providing a seamless experience for their users, so we incorporated an attractive and modern design into the platform.


Challenges We Faced During The Development Phase

The development of a new Human Resource Management platform is no small undertaking. From understanding the needs of employers and candidates to creating an efficient system for managing both sides, the team has to face many challenges during the development process.

The initial step includes creating an intuitive user interface for employers and job seekers. This meant crafting a platform that was easy to use and understand and contained all the necessary features and tools to satisfy both types of users. This proved to be a difficult task, as it required us to carefully consider the needs of each user group while still ensuring the system remained simple to operate.

Another challenge is ensuring the system can handle the sheer volume of data in the recruitment process. Employers needed a platform to manage large amounts of applicant information without overwhelming or slowing down their workflow.

The client’s budget was also tight, and they wanted all these features within an affordable range. Finally, we had to ensure the platform was secure and that all data remained protected. We use industry-leading encryption protocols and adopt various security measures to safeguard the data.

By overcoming these challenges, our team can create a secure, reliable, and easy platform. The result is a Human Resource Management platform that helps employers and job seekers connect more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


Our Approach

At Sofvare, we strive to create a seamless platform for human resource management. The right platform can make a huge difference in how employers and job seekers find each other and provide an invaluable resource for HR teams. Here’s our approach to developing innovative platforms like Human Resource Management:

  • Streamline onboarding- We strive to make the onboarding process as convenient as possible for employers and job seekers. Our platform offers comprehensive support during the recruitment process, from the initial job listing to the completion of onboarding paperwork.
  • Provide personalised customer service- Our customer service team is committed to providing personalised attention to employers and job seekers. Our team is always available to help, from answering questions to providing advice.
  • Create an integrated platform- We’ve designed our platform to be easy to use and navigate while offering a comprehensive suite of features. Our platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for employers and job seekers to manage their accounts and keep track of all relevant information.
  • Keep up with industry trends- As technology evolves, so does our platform. We’re constantly working on new features and integrations that will keep our team at the forefront of HR technology.

Using these approaches, Sofvare can revolutionise how employers and job seekers connect. Our platform is designed to make HR management easier, more efficient, and more effective for everyone involved.


Features and Modules

Sofvare’s new human resources platform revolutionises how businesses and job seekers interact. Here’s a look at some of the features and modules that make this system stand out from the rest:

  • Recruitment Module – The recruitment module helps recruiters source candidates for jobs in their database and find potential candidates on LinkedIn, social media, career websites or elsewhere. It includes advanced search criteria, saved searches, and data filtering by location, industry or skillset.
  • Job Distribution Module – The job distribution module allows recruiters to distribute their jobs in various ways to maximise the chance of finding their perfect candidate (including via email).
  • Managing Attendance & Tracking Absenteeism- With attendance management and absenteeism tracking, employees can be tracked/measured even when they are not physically present.
  • Performance Management – Managers can measure performance by aggregating time on task, time off task, task duration per minute and much more.
  • Employee Goal Setting & Reviewing Goals – Employees set goals with the help of managers and review these goals with one another every quarter.
  • Employee Benefits Administration – Employers can handle all benefits administration tasks themselves, including creating health care plans, payroll tax withholding profiles, etc., or upload all documents to be completed by third parties.
  • HR Analytics- Keep an eye on company analytics to see how the company’s human resource strategy impacts business.
  • Customisable Features- You can customise this software based on your specific needs and include anything you want in it – because it’s yours!
  • Training And Development Modules – Train employees online or offline depending on their needs; manage training materials with version control; automatically deliver courses based on role requirements; engage learners using gamification principles.

Business Benefits of Human Resource Management System

An HRM system offers a range of benefits for businesses, from streamlining recruitment processes to ensuring compliance with regulations.

Sofvare is a company that can develop an innovative HRM platform to help both employers and job seekers. With this platform, employers can quickly list job openings and access a wide range of candidates, while job seekers can easily search for jobs and get matched with the right employer. Moreover, the platform allows businesses to manage and oversee both employees and employers.

It also offers a centralised location to view all employee data, allowing businesses to manage their workforce. This data can also be used to improve processes such as performance reviews and performance tracking.

Furthermore, the Human Resource Management System offers insightful analytics to provide businesses with data-driven insights into their workforce. This helps employers make informed decisions about their hiring practices and other aspects of HR management.

Benefits of Working with Us


Sofvare’s new Human Resource Management platform provides a comprehensive solution for employers, job seekers, and the platform provider team to manage their resources. The platform has revolutionised the HR process, streamlining and automating time-consuming tasks to allow businesses to concentrate on their core goals.

If you’re an employer & looking to hire quickly and efficiently and manage the most valuable asset, employees seamlessly look no further than Sofvare’s Human Resource Management platform. Get in touch today!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cloud HR software is an online, web-based human resources management platform that supports all aspects of the company’s employee and employer needs, such as recruitment, payroll and benefits administration.

It can help businesses cut down on expenses by making it easier to hire new employees, with less paperwork and interviews needed to get them onboarded.

It also helps to improve communication between employers and employees by providing a central hub for information about staff changes or upcoming events.

Employees looking for a job, managers trying to organise their team in the most efficient way possible, small business owners who want more control over their workforce can use this advanced software.

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