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How can Mobile eCommerce Apps Add Value to Your Business?

E-commerce, especially mobile commerce, is growing these days exponentially. E-Commerce mobile app development is the key focus of brands and businesses to assimilate the new marketing trend. Mobile apps are profitable to corporations in several ways.

Mobile App Amplifies Brand Recognition:

A mobile app is the best way to develop brand visibility. Most of the customers spend hours on mobile devices, which helps businesses to interact with them. User experience must be the critical factor to keep in mind during mobile app development. According to the stats, more than 33% of people uninstall the app if its interface is difficult to understand.

Lifts Customer Experience:

Today’s customers are looking for a personalized and consistent experience from their favorite brands. This demand can not be accomplished through the website only. Mobile apps keep them connected with brands and businesses.

Emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and AR & VR present helpful insights. A brand can sort out what its potential customers are looking for. It builds a customer’s persona to keep him interested in their products and services.

Quick and Multiple Payment Options:

Mobile apps provide a quick and secure payment option to potential customers. A user can purchase and pay through various platforms like Paypal, Visa/Master Cards, and E-Wallets. In the present scenario, it brings a contactless payment option as well.


AI-powered functions like ChatBots are advantageous for M-commerce. It helps in providing 24/7 customer service. It also reduces the cost of hiring a human customer support representative. So it is an efficient way to engage the customers by providing quick and to-the-point answers to their queries.

M-Com is a Trending Commerce:

Mobile commerce growth stats may shock you. That is why it is trending, and more probably, it will last longer. All the businesses are looking for their app development. M-commerce has wholly taken over the E-commerce enterprise. The demand for both Hybrid and Native apps is rising day by day. According to Statista, Mobile commerce will capture more than 73% of total e-commerce sales worldwide in just a couple of years.

Mobile App Gives Progress Analysis:

Analytics are the key to business improvement. Mobile apps facilitate quick and latest customer trends and stats. An app gives you complete user interaction, response, and feedback details in its analytics. It helps in updating and improving the app and services.

Narrow Search Filters:

The narrow search filters enable a customer to get what he is looking for. A potential customer doesn’t want to go through an extensive scrolling option. It is beneficial, especially for those businesses or corporations which have bulk products. A customer comes on the mobile app and types few keywords, and gets his desired inquiries.

Fast Loading Functionality:

Mobile apps are time-saving and very responsive if optimized well. The smaller interface significantly takes less loading time than website or desktop applications. A customer can access an app in few seconds and complete his query.

Low-Cost Advertising:

Mobile Apps have changed the face of E-Commerce forever. Advertising is itself a costly and tiring process. A mobile app provides self-advertising ability. Anyone who searches similar services gets your app in search results and sometimes in might be interested, or people also search for a list. The more app installs rise, the more pace of engagement increases.

Fast Feedback:

Mobile E-commerce app enables customers to share their feedback most swiftly. The overall app rating and user reviews are available on the Play Store. While people also like, dislike, and share them with others.

Push Notifications:

Push notifications are comprising sales, latest arrivals, deals, and stock availability. It keeps customers engaged through interest building strategy. It is the fastest way to propel customers towards a mobile store.

Future of Mobile Commerce:

The latest innovations will keep on driving E-commerce. The figure of people loving mobile commerce is increasing every day. Business Insider stats reveal that by the end of last year, more than 45% of E-Commerce business was done through mobile apps. It will hit $448 Billion or 44% of total E-Commerce business by the year 2024. The advancement of payment options will provide more room to flourish.

Smartphones and Tablets are the critical devices behind the success of M-Commerce. Mobile phone companies are also adding the latest built-in features to enhance the customer experience. Mobile app development companies are working on innovation and feature enhancement.