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How Heartbeat Crossed 100k downloads?

Developing an application is hard. Maintaining and Getting users is even harder. The Google Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps, out of which only 2.66% of apps have made up to 100k downloads (Source: Statista). We are glad that we were able to surpass and enter the 100k downloads club.


By using our application, you can check your heart rate and pulse rate anytime and anywhere by just placing your fingertip on your camera.

The technology we use is the same that is used in hospitals when they take pulse using fingertips. The difference is the application shows every second pulse reading and gives an average; whereas the hospital equipment shows an average of a minute. This process is known as photoplethysmography. Which is a simple optical technique to detect changes in blood flow.

Understanding the User Side

“Heartbeat” is a generic app, you can find different variants of this application on the Google Play Store, why only a few of them succeed? In order to answer this, we need to understand why a user downloads an app and what makes our app different.

  1. User searches for an application with an intent to browse/download.
  2. User finds an application
  3. User checks the screenshots, description, reviews of the application and makes the decision to install it.
  4. Based on the first-usage experience, the user:
    a. Keeps using the app or
    b. Uninstalls the app and search for a better alternative.

Initially, we have designed the application where the user has to sign up in order to use our services, this resulted in almost the same number of installs and uninstalls. In order to improve the installs, we made it optional for the users to sign up. If the users like the application they will be automatically signing up for your services.

News Portal:
We added a block where users can read news related to heartbeat, this helped to gain higher engagement time in our application.

Storing Results and Sync with Google Fit:
For the users to analyze their heartbeat data, we autosave the measurements in the user’s device. To take it to one more advanced step, we are giving an option where the user can sync their data with Google Fit.

Medication Reminder:
We determined that users who are engaged in our application are athletes, fitness freaks, or adults who are more concerned about their health. It is quite certain that they might be using medicines. We developed a feature where users can store the medication information and can get timely reminders, in this way they are more likely to take their medicines on time.

Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Reminder:
After we saw a surge in the users using the medication reminder feature, we added these additional features where a user can add the mentioned reminders and never miss any of them.

In the premium version of the application, we provide a seamless user experience by removing all the ads and unlocking unlimited measurements.

Feedback and Reviews:
You can never have enough feedback and reviews to improve your application. We reply to all the positive as well as negative reviews, our team constantly monitors the customer feedbacks and reviews and resolves the issues at the earliest.

This article is far from comprehensive in terms of showing you how to build a successful app, it covers the lessons that were important to learn to grow your project to 100k app downloads. At Sofvare, we like to take up new challenges and deliver the best, if you have an idea or would like to discuss your application or project, you can contact us, and an expert from our team will reach you at the earliest.