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Why is Flutter the best choice for Healthcare Sector?

Flutter, the cross-platform app development framework, is selected by brands all over the world. Healthcare is one of the most crucial sectors, especially during this time.

The functionality features list for healthcare apps varies from business to business and ultimately users’ goals. The features that are a must in today’s healthcare apps include:

  • Registration & Login
  • User Profile and Dashboard
  • Activity Feed
  • Forums
  • Reminders
  • Trackers
  • Report Generations & Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • Chatbots
  • Payment Integration, etc.

When compared to Java, Flutter has more predefined templates in Android Studio. As most applications migrate from Java/Kotlin to Dart, the community and support are massively inclining. With hundreds of widgets and templates to choose from, flutter app development takes certainly less time and has more features compared to other programming languages.

Registration and Login

The registration page is likely to be the first page when the user chooses to register with your business. It is highly recommended to use only the required details on the registration page. With Flutter, we can create a highly attractive feature-rich registration page by integrating with Firebase. Firebase provides tons of user authentication features – such as Email Verification, Phone Verification, Social Media Sign-In, and many more. Firebase stores your user’s data securely and keeps the user data and user credentials in a separate space, allowing the businesses to focus on improving the user interface and user experience.

User Profile And Dashboard

The User Profile is where the users will be able to create, maintain, and manage their profiles. By creating a profile, users will be able to interact with the application and the business can collect the users’ data to serve them and analyze data helpful to their business. The developers need to up their game by creating a ser-friendly page with tons of widgets that is pleasing to the user.

The dashboard is generally the home screen of the application where the users will be able to track all the services in one place. For the healthcare sector, this can be complex as there are tons of different data to be displayed on a single page. With Dart, the developers have achieved to create such pages with minimal loading time and highly graphical representations.

Activity Feed

Modern applications come with a motive to solve users’ problems or provide a sense of delight to the users. We engage with activity feed on daily basis — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked, Medium, it is everywhere. The top three benefits of having an activity feed in your application are:
a) It increases user engagement,
b) It helps the business to communicate with the users’,
c) it helps build communities and ultimately improves the retention rate.


The simplest way to engage your audience and bringing a community of like-minded people around a common topic. By creating a forum in a healthcare application, you are giving a platform where the user can share the problem, and get the solution from experts.

Reminders and Trackers

Multiple applications are just for reminder purposes, integrating reminders in our application will eliminate the user to have any other application for the same purpose. In the healthcare sector, there are many reminders such as Pills Reminder, Blood Glucose Reminder, Blood Pressure Reminder, Drink Water Reminder and many others. The reminders are to be created in such a manner that user can change the frequency and even stop the reminders which are not in need.

Push Notification

With the increased competition in the business, push notification has become a new mobile marketing phenomenon. Push Notifications help company advertise their new service and increase brand awareness among active users. They are also an important way to amplify users. Suppose a user installs and never opens the app, with the help of push notifications, we are still connected and can be in the eyes of the user at least once or twice a day.


To handle the most frequent user queries, we can use a chatbot to save our time. Integrating a Dialogflow chatbot in the flutter app will be more beneficial as it has ready-made custom widgets and it is easy to build an appealing UI. As per an article, Chatbots are positively impacting the healthcare sector, and so you should consider having one in your next application.

Flutter can do wonders for mobile app development, and particularly in the healthcare sector. If you would like to see the practical implementation of all the features mentioned above, you can check out our latest application Cicle.

Cicle is a women’s health and fitness app, that supports women at each stage of their life. Cicle’s enhanced algorithm helps women to track periods, calculate the days of ovulation, indicate the most favorable days for conceiving a child, and the safest days in the calendar, you can rely upon Cicle to take full control of your health using the application.

The future of healthcare will be driven by developments in the mobile industry. With the high demand for secure and user-friendly applications, it is the correct time to invest your resources in health app development and provide healthy solutions. If you are looking highly efficient Mobile App development company with years of experience in the healthcare sector, you can contact us here.