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Difference Between Software Engineer Vs Software Developer

Software Engineering and Software Development, though interrelated, is not quite the same. Are you confused? You are not the only one, let’s try and address the difference between both.


The significant difference between the two roles is,


● A software engineer is a professional engaged in applying the software engineering principles in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of a software product.

● Whereas, a developer is one who builds the software.

● Recruiters see the difference as Engineers being Architects of the system who design, build, install, and maintain large scale applications and also execute IT Infrastructure needs for the company.


Software Engineer

Software Developer

A software engineer is involved in the complete process of the software development lifecycle.

Development is just an aspect of the development lifecycle.

A software engineer works with other engineers in the team to build a system.

A developer does the coding of the software product.

Engineers tend to solve problems at a much larger scale.

Developers tend to solve problems at the code level.

Software engineers are the people who develop tools like photoshop.

Developers are people who use tools developed by engineers to build web and mobile applications.

Software engineering is a team activity.

Software development is a solitary activity.


Best practices followed by a Software Engineer


● A software engineer ensures that the client’s requirements are met, maintaining the standards set by the employer.

● They need to ensure that software modifications/updates meet the highest professional standards.

● They must maintain integrity and independence in their professional approach.

● They must provide support to their teams.

● Software Engineers have a team-driven approach.


Best Practices followed by a Software Developer


● As a developer, you need to understand how your coding helps driving the business.

● Make a plan of how to approach the immediate coding task.

● Follow a standard method of software development, meeting the customer’s requirements.

● Ensure detailed commenting of code and following all coding standards.

● Software Developers work individually and are usually responsible for their portion of solution or code delivery.


To help you understand the difference, let us take a real-life example.


● A company into hotel management has three restaurants to handle. The head chef ensures that the quality of food remains constant across the restaurants. The chef in the kitchen uses his/her creative approach to entice the customers with the taste and presentation.

You can term the head chef as the software engineer working at the architectural level and the chef in the kitchen as a software developer meeting the customer’s requirements.

Above should give a good idea on the difference between Software Engineers and Software Developers.

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