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How to Build a Successful Marketplace Application

Since the pandemic started, the trend of online shopping is increasing rapidly. This brings businesses an opportunity to create a marketplace application where customers can register, browse through the shop, and shop conveniently. 

Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. are seller-only shopping stores. Here customers can register and purchase through the items listed by the sellers. While in a marketplace, the customer can post their requirements, customers can be sellers too, and even establish direct contact with the sellers.

Marketplace Application Features:

Seamless Registration Process
The registration process is the most important step as if the customer finds any uneasiness, it might lead to uninstalls. To keep your visitors and turn them into potential customers, it is very necessary to make the registration process as easy as possible.

Platform to showcase the products
Marketplace Applications allows small businesses to showcase their products and establish a virtual presence. Sellers can create a post of their products where they can add photos, videos, descriptions, prices, and other details.

Premium Product Placement
You can offer a premium product placement service where you can pin the post of a particular user on top, sponsored product posts generate additional revenue for the application.

Direct Calling
By using the call option, the buyer can contact the seller directly via call. There are no third-party involved and it helps to form transparency at the platform.

Third-Party Product Sourcing API Integration
Though unique ideas are developed in unique ways, there are certain core functions that are usually reused. In a way, API Integration allows using great services usually used by the end-users in their day-to-day life. For Marketplace apps, APIs bring a whole range of benefits allowing a clean and convenient user experience.

Social Media Integration
As per the data, there are 4.33 billion social media users, nearly half of the world’s population. Hence, Social media is the biggest way of getting users to your Marketplace Application.

This is not just limited to login using social media, but also includes letting the users share their app-post on social media. This will also help the business to promote its application!

Multilingual Application
Having an application in multiple languages makes it easy for the local audience to interact with your application. We have written a detailed article on this, you can check this here.

Google Map Integration
By integrating Google Maps with your application, you are providing the most convenient method by which a buyer can reach the seller. You can also add functionality by which a user will be able to check posts of nearby locations or limited to a certain miles/kilometers.

Creating the wishlist feature allows buyers to bookmark the posts they might shop in the future or signify interest without immediate intent to purchase. Offering wishlists is an effective way to reduce shopping abandonment.

In-App Chat System
Having a secured end-to-end encrypted chat system secures the users from being contacted from outside of the application. Apart from that, buyers and sellers can connect and lock the deal inside the platform only.

Inside the Admin Panel
The admin panel should have all the basic functionalities, such as creating a new user, creating a new post, checking user activities, checking for reported posts, blocking/restricting users if required, the ability to send push notifications, and many more.

Cost of Marketplace App
The cost of any marketplace app is determined by the requirements of the project. It is quite typical to calculate the exact cost of such applications, which includes, prototyping, designing, and developing the project. 

  • You can check our recent marketplace application Farmer Bazaar, which is available for Android and iOS.

The marketplace apps increase cash flow and expand the customer base. In order to target a larger audience, businesses are now considering Flutter for their Marketplace Development, so that users on diverse mobile platforms can easily access and use your marketplace app.

To accomplish your project, it is highly recommended to work with experts that have a track record of creating successful applications. If you are interested in discussing specific aspects of your marketplace app development, you can contact our experts to have valuable feedback.