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Business Continuity Plan – Remote Work Success

A good friend from tech company fired his back-office software development and maintenance team due to failure in performance working remotely. Many such small and medium sized companies are facing difficulties without a proper business continuity plan. Some are setup with basic remote connections, but lack security and accountability.

We are all dealing with crisis from COVID-19. While the circumstances are unavoidable, we at Sofvare wish everyone of you safe and healthy quarantine. While most of the companies do not have written and planned remote work management, we at Sofvare are working at 100% capacity in a safe and secure environment from our respective homes.

With our 15+ years of experience running businesses, we are well equipped to help companies who are struggling with business continuity, to provide employee redundancy for all critical back end tasks and daily operations. We become part of your business continuity and support team.

Some of the things we did to achieve this success was by proving secured VPN connections, Daily backups, NDA, Background check, tight company policy and so on.

Call us to discuss your business continuity needs and witness your success with our support.