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How Mobile Apps provide a Winning Advantage for Businesses

With the continued increase in the usage of smartphones among consumers, all over the globe, business owners and stakeholders are forced to reconsider their strategy and explore mobile-first strategies. As people are on the go so should the business as well to cater to the traveling and remote consumers.

As per DataReportal, around 4.66 billion people now use the internet – which is close to 60% of the world’s total population and this number is rapidly growing. 

There has been a major rise in the population relying on online sources even for their basic necessities in 2021. Whatever you are searching for, you can find an application for that on the app store or play store. Applications serve nearly every business purpose now, be it measuring your heartbeat, searching for products on Amazon, searching for services on Google, controlling your robot using an application, or reaching out to the audience in order to stay visible online.

There are many reasons why even small businesses need a mobile application. A few of them can be listed as follows:

  1. Brand penetration among mobile users🥇
    Mobile apps are a great strategy to increase your branding for maintaining a lead in the market. By including useful features and giving in-app offers and promotions you are driving the maximum number of customers to your brand.
    App offers a more convenient way to browse, select, shop, and access additional information right away in one place.

  2. Direct Marketing Channel⚡
    In traditional methods, you need a spokesperson to advertise your business, a mediator/staff to place orders, a support staff to deal with customers, print brochures, and distribute them across to reach a number of audiences.
    Having a mobile application does all of that task for your business.

    Thanks to features like push notifications, you can always stay connected to the customers interested in your business. You can even bring customers back to your business, by just staying on their mobile devices.
    Fun Fact: According to Acc Engage, the push notification opt-in rates on Android (91.1%) were much higher than on iOS devices (43.9%). Overall the two biggest operating systems set an average of 67.5% of users engaging business just via push notifications.

  3. Customer Analytics🔎
    You can track what services/products are liked by customers of various location/gender/age groups/ and more. Ultimately you can start providing more attention towards the highest searched/selling services/products and can channelize your efforts in the right direction. With insights, you can see what amount of time is spent on a particular page, can check why any of your pages are not converting the audience, and lots more.
    By just understanding the correct target audience, you can effectively boost your profits by as low as 70%.

  4. Personalized Messaging & Better Understanding of the Client🤝
    In the past, marketers would send out a common notification notifying the customers of a particular service, product, or feature of the application. In today’s competitive world, this is not enough. As per the recent trends, it is necessary to target users based on their preferences in order to make them trust the brand and feel valued.

    This involves tracking thousands of users’ data and setting up notifications as per the individual user traits. Personalization can be based on anything such as user age, interests, location, or in-app behaviors.
    For example: A news app may track the individual’s content preferences and will notify the user of the latest news regarding the same genre. Alternatively, a food application might track the individual’s ordering patterns and will notify of the latest offers for the particular restaurant or the food. It is a straightforward way for marketers to improve their customer retention and conversion rates.

  5. Easy and Convenient Communication🌟
    You get a direct personal channel for communication with your existing and potential customers. These are beneficial for both parties. Businesses can convey necessary news, information, get contacted by customers. By implementing the latest features, businesses can get valuable information in the form of reviews, questions, feedback, and suggestions to improve the experience.

What makes an App successful?đź’ą

  • Simplicity
    Complex app gets uninstalled and users move on to the next one.

  • Effortless login process
    Traditional methods like email are still in use, but modern implementations like social logins provide ease to the signup and login process.

  • Filters and Sorting Options
    In an eCommerce application, the customers should have an option to sort the product from multiple filters such as category, size, colors, and such. The sorting options usually include pricing (low-to-high/high-to-low), relevance (based on the user’s past behavior), reviews, arrival dates, and so on.

  • Swift checkout and multiple payments gateways
    Users need to be redirected in a secure manner to a secure payment gateway, where they can enter their card or bank details to authenticate the transactions. With the increasing payment options, a business should try to integrate as many payment options as possible, in order to accept payment as per the customer’s convenience.

  • Analytics, Feedback, and Rating System
    By analytics, the business owners can identify the trends and could focus on that particular product or service to generate more sales/revenue.
    In this customer-driven world, a business that accepts and works on feedback can have a very healthy relationship with the customer.
    Rating system mainly for eCommerce helps customers to get required data from reviews of other customers.

Small businesses that wish to compete with others in this highly competitive market must adopt these changes and strengthen their digital presence.

If you want to boost your brand and make your business accessible to the world, building a mobile app is the most attractive option for you.
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Businesses all over the world are leveraging the power of mobile apps. Make sure your company is not left behind. Schedule a call with one of our experts to discuss an amazing app for your business.