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Advantages of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

As an Expert on WPF development and working on it for many years. Some of the advantages I feel as a developer are below.

Advantages of WPF

• Limitless possibilities and flexibility to create your own custom UI controls.
• Scalability helps in multi resolution environment.
• Code reusability.
• Highly efficient and advanced data binding possibilities in controls.
• Microsoft supports it constantly.
• Ability to create Animations and other special effects in the controls and on the screen UI elements.
• DIrect2D helps us make use of system GPU and show 2d/3d graphical data using WPF, it helps us use graphics processor and display enriched contents. In case there is no GPU hardware on machines and such use of hardware acceleration is not feasible, Direct2D includes a high-performance software rasterizer. This helps improving visual display quality on these machines.

As such on a WPF development standpoint, I do not feel many disadvantages over Winform, but tried to list couple of them below.


• Bit complicated framework compared to WinForms, so developers will need to put more efforts in learning WPF.
• Development process can be bit of time consuming. So if anyone has time, then given the advantage it has, it’s worth spending on it.

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